2017 Bike Shed London@Tobacco Dock

Another year passes and yet again, the bar was raised. If you ignore the bikes for a second, there was more space all together, more space around the bikes, the outside was strewn with deckchairs and plenty of artisan crafters. 


This year though was a step up by all the builders. With 200+ bikes covering the too-many-to-count halls it was difficult to know where to look.


BMW defiantly had a lions share of talent this year, and thats not even counting their understated yet highly impressive stand. 

Being an avid user of various social media platforms, I was looking forward to seeing Chris Eades (BaronVonGrumble) Smoking Customs built R100. Inspired from his sports bike background with Ducati Panigale-esque rear shock mount and exhausts, complete with honeycomb tips, it looks great, and could easily pass as a lightly modified bike, despite a lot of work going into it, with everything looking as OE as possible.

One hall in particular was a winner for me. A name that is huge in this scene, BikeEXIF showed a handful of spectacular builds, my favourite of which was the Ducati MH900 built by Devon based RedMax Speed Shop. Adorned with Titanium, including the frame built by Strada Fab. Gareth of Oil in the Blood has got himself a good one here... 

For me though, the stand out bikes of the show were the offerings from Racefit. Classic Endurance monsters. 100%function, 0%form, and that to me makes them oh so beautiful.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, so if you want to check out my full gallery, you can see them on my Facebook page HERE